Dental Implants and Dentures

Do you have missing teeth? Well, there are times that you can’t avoid to lose some tooth because of accident or pulling bad tooth decayed. Dental implants and dentures are both kind of cosmetic dentistry that is good to replace missing teeth. They can both make you younger because they can fill the collapse area of your face due of missing tooth. They can be both good alternative to replace missing teeth. Everybody deserves to feel comfortable in their lives. People who are missing teeth still need to eat, talk and look great. Both dental implants and dentures can help you with that. Anyway, what is dental implant? How about dentures?

What are the difference between dental implants and dentures?


First of all, dental implant is a new tooth root that connected to jawbone. It has titanium post or insert metal work as the new tooth root.  It can support and secured any denture, crown or bridge in place. Dental implant is a lot of job, painful and expensive. After this procedure, it will take six weeks to six months to recover. During this period, the patient can have temporary teeth like dentures. Then, a temporary crown will attach to healed area. When dental implant is healed and fully recovered, that is the time to set the final restoration. Dental implant is for healthy people. The health of a patient is very important in having dental implants. Your dentist will make sure that your body is able to take all medicines needed to recover.

dental-implants-illustration-300x211People with diabetes or high blood pressure should ask their dentist if they are safe with this process. Anyway, dentures are unreal teeth used to replace missing tooth or the entire teeth. It can be in one tooth or the entire teeth in upper and lower area. They can be removable sometimes when not in need at night. People wearing dentures prepare to take off them during sleeping. There is a possibility that they can swallow single or few dentures. It can be removed during cleaning. Dentures can be bond, clasp in some teeth or can be hold in dental implants. Did you see the connection of dental implant and dentures?

Dental Implants and dentures can transform your smile!

Dental implants and dentures have connections and similarity but they also have differences. First of all, dental implant is stronger and stays its place. They are more secured compare to dentures. Because of its new tooth root, dental implants stay and hold in place unlike dentures that can fall anytime. Partial dentures may rely to other teeth or hold by new tooth root of dental implants. There will a possibility that partial dentures can damage original teeth. Visit and Transform your smile to WOW!

Do you know that dental implants hold the record as strongest tooth replacement available today? That’s fantastic! It’s really up to you which one to choose to restore your face and to have the gorgeous smiles. It also depends on your budget. Dental implants will cost expensive but quality comes first. Dentures are cheaper and can still give you best smiles.

dentures and dental implants